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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Home Automation System - Energy consumption monitor...the definitive release

Several days have passed since my last post on the Home Automation System and we left a pending speech about the measurement of home consumption.

My prototipe works fine, so it's time to use it.

My final target is to build 3 power monitor, one for each floor. The first ready to use device is for the main floor.

I will plug the device where the main power cables arrive. So I plan to power on the 5V adapter for the ESP8266 and the PZEM-004T.

Here is the device linked to the main power cable and powered on:

Now, let's give a look to the MQTT messages, using mqtt-spy:

Perfect...all work as expected.

Now it's time for OpenHAB and Grafana.

I setup OpenHAB to get data as numerical variable, using the MQTT topic already defined. Then I edited my sitemap to view these data. Here is the result:

It's an interesting thing the comparison between production and consumption.

The last step is the visualization of historical data with Grafana, comparing production (green) and consumption (yellow):

Now, we just have to wait for other PZEM-004T...already ordered.

Stay tuned.