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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Home Automation System - Dashboards with Grafana

I chose InfluxDB as persistence engine in OpenHAB also because it is easy to integrate with Grafana, an open source visualization suite that let us build interactive web dashboards.

I installed Grafana on my Raspberry PI3, where already run OpenHAB and InfluxDB, using the Openhabian configuration tool (openhabian-config), choosing "optional components".

Then, I'm able to reach the suite through http on port 3000.

Here you can find a very good guide about Grafana and InfluxDB setup and configuration


The process to build dashboards is very easy...as long as you define your InfluxDB data source.

Every dashboard is a set of rows and objects; to fetch your data you have to choose among all the measurements in InfluxDB...

Here is my example dashboard where I put:

- at top left, ping time of my local network devices;
- at top right, speedtest results;
- at bottom, weather data, fetched from the OpenWeatherMap service

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